Marine Consultancy

We offer personalized consultancy and management solutions, tailored specifically to the needs of maritime business and individual attention to detail. Whatever your long-term goals may be, we will work closely with you to ensure that we have understood and that we are able to offer practical solutions that suit your budget and requirements. Each of our experts has years of experience in multiple areas of maritime business, so we are able to offer truly individual solutions that lead to dramatic, sustainable business growth. We look forward to working with you!.

Human Capacity Development

We offer thought provoking and enriching tailor made trainings throughout the full spectrum of the maritime industry. With our team of experts we are able to find solutions to the most complex challenges and help our clients locate themselves in pivotal positions of the maritime industry.

Maritime Resource Managers

We are maritime resource managers . We source and provide relevant personnel to meet our client’s needs. This includes the provision and management of crew.

Facilitating the Acquisition of Marine Equipment:

In collaboration with our development partners we facilitate the acquisition of a wide range of marine equipment ranging from service boats ,crew boats anchor handling vessels, to fixed and floating oil production platforms.

Providers of Training Rooms, Meeting Places, Centre Rental and Offices:

With our state of the art premises , we provide centre rental and training facilities with adequate parking spaces for clients who are interested in holding their meetings in our premises.